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30 de Mayo de 2016

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25 de Octubre de 2016

Intersectoral Congress of Aging and Dependence
"A new look at the evidence"
International Congress

To the year 2050, 64 countries will reach populations of older people higher than 30% of their respective total. The newborn babies of the year will have a life expectancy of 90 years. The ageing of the population is occurring in all countries of the world, although more rapidly in those developing countries are considered. In fact it can be considered a triumph for the development, and this is provided for the increase of longevity, as one of the greatest achievements of mankind, due to social and health improvements, among others.

But two faces this achievement: that of economic, cultural and social challenges of an ageing population, exceed the scope of the person, in a society and a world community, not always prepared to take on that challenge. And the opportunities we can get of this demographic transition, in the active and healthy, older people with a healthy and safe life, contribute to the economic, social and cultural development of the society.

The aim of this meeting is to analyze the actual situation of older persons, achievements and raised measures in various policies of ageing, bonds have been taken in recent years by the filter-regulator. The influence of the global economic crisis in these policies and its reflection in the life of our elderly. We intend to also be vehicle of exposure of the innovative ideas of the filter-regulator groups, successfully addressed the challenges of this demographic shift, through creative programs and innovative research. And at the same time be the protagonists of the same speaker, offering a space for elderly people, to express interests and fears, to tell us how they want to live really. The union of University, scientific foundation and services company dedicated to elders, in this challenge, will make it it possible.

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Through the collection of the best contributions, we want to offer a publication, is not only an analysis of this situation, but paid proposals to follow national and international level, for the population of elderly people not only have a dignified and secure life, with full-fledged; but also is an important contribution to the cultural, economic and social development, and share the benefits of it.

We cannot forget the best social investment is held for the benefit of the people and at this meeting we want to irregular to the improvement of opportunities for a group of population in constant growth. Society, place of sin doubts, will benefit from the results considering.

Therefore we propose the challenge of a Congress biennial can be continuous and Permanent Observatory of the responses to the challenge of the quality of life of persons age.